Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj on The harsh reality of women, Fake Rape Laws, Bumble dates on AP Podcast.

Deepika Bhardwaj, a renowned Journalist and Filmmaker. AP Podcast is a platform founded by the students at the prestigious Hindu College, University of Delhi.

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj on The harsh reality of women, Fake Rape Laws, Bumble dates on AP Podcast.

TLDR: The key idea of the video is that there is a need for reform in laws and societal attitudes to prevent false accusations and injustices against men, and to create a healthy society where both men and women can stand up for each other and speak out against wrongdoing.

  1. 00:00 🎙️ The speaker discusses the topic of men and begins the conversation.

02:03 🚺 Women face violence and subjugation, but some empowered women exploit situations and pretend to be victims; feminism has caused fear in society, hindering the ability to speak up against women’s wrongdoings, and laws like section 498a and domestic violence laws need reform to prevent false accusations and the ruin of innocent families.

2.1 Women are victims of various forms of violence and subjugation due to their gender, but there is a problem with empowered women exploiting situations and pretending to be victims, which is increasingly being recognized by society.

2.2 Feminism and reservations were intended to address injustices and uplift underprivileged individuals, but some people take advantage of these movements for personal gain, which is not limited to women.

2.3 Feminism has caused fear in society, making people hesitant to speak up against women’s wrongdoings, as seen in a viral video of a woman yelling at a cab driver, and this fear is also present in the dating app scene.

2.4 The speaker discusses the misuse of section 498a in Indian jurisprudence, which has led to the ruin and destruction of countless families, including cases of suicide, and emphasizes the need for reform.

2.5 The law regarding domestic violence needs to change as it allows for false accusations by women to ruin innocent families, with the Supreme Court guidelines now requiring immediate arrests based solely on a wife’s complaint.

2.6 Supreme Court judgments have been criticized for diluting the law on physical violence, leading to innocent people being arrested and the misuse of laws like 498A, with examples of men being assaulted by women and facing ridicule when reporting it.

20:24 🚨 False criminal cases and the injustice of the legal system have led to immense trauma and suffering for those falsely accused, highlighting the need for both men and women to stand up for each other and speak out against wrongdoing in order to create a healthy society.

3.1 A man in Bangalore, who was being abused by his wife, left his family and sent her a divorce notice, resulting in her causing a disturbance outside his home.

3.2 A man committed suicide after being falsely accused by a woman, highlighting the injustice of the legal system where a man is put on trial and his reputation is damaged before the truth is revealed in court.

3.3 False criminal cases cause immense trauma, waste taxpayer money and resources, and result in unjust suffering for those falsely accused.

3.4 Toxic masculinity and toxic feminism are interconnected and have led to a backlash between men and women, resulting in a lack of empathy and respect.

3.5 In order to create a healthy society, both men and women need to stand up for each other and speak out against wrongdoing, as the loss of trust and respect is a natural consequence of not doing so.

3.6 People are controlled by leaders at the top who feed them information like a religion, including in politics and feminism.

29:31 📺 An Australian feminist’s hateful statements about men highlight the need for understanding and discernment, while the breakdown of marriages is often due to a lack of understanding and focus on superficial aspects, such as attachment to parents.

4.1 An Australian feminist named Clementine Ford has made extremely negative and hateful statements about men, even going as far as saying “kill all men,” without facing the same repercussions that a man would face for making similar statements about women.

4.2 Controversial figures often preach and teach controversial things, and it is important for people to understand if they are being taken advantage of or guided in the right direction.

4.3 Marriages are breaking down quickly because people don’t understand each other and focus on superficial aspects during the dating phase.

4.4 Understanding a person’s non-negotiables, such as living independently, is crucial for resolving conflicts in relationships.

4.5 The non-negotiable factor for men is their attachment to their parents, which can lead to a breakdown in relationships when their partners refuse to accept this.

36:42 💔 Discussing non-negotiables before marriage is crucial, as conflicts can arise when one partner has close friendships with the opposite sex, and it is important to have open conversations about life goals and expectations in a marriage, including financial expectations and control issues.

5.1 Discussing non-negotiables before marriage is crucial, as conflicts can arise when one partner has close friendships with the opposite sex, and it is important to have open conversations about life goals and expectations in a marriage.

5.2 A woman filed false cases of dowry domestic violence against her husband because he worked late and she wanted him to close his laptop early, leading to their separation.

5.3 Women asking for information about a man’s finances in arranged or love marriages, especially regarding property ownership, without contributing to the relationship themselves, is unfair and can be considered as dowry, while men asking for financial support is seen as harassment.

5.4 There are controlling men who restrict women from caring for their parents, which is a harsh reality for some women.

5.5 Both partners in a marriage should be able to spend their own money without issue, as seen in a case where a husband made a property investment without telling his wife, and red and green flags in relationships are subjective and vary from person to person.

5.6 Red flags in relationships include physical abuse, threats of suicide, control freak behavior, possessiveness, while green flags are subjective and based on individual preferences, but red flags ultimately lead to toxic relationships and breakdowns, with varying shades of severity.

acid attacks50:27 🚩 Be cautious of toxic relationships and manipulative individuals, as highlighted by cases of false rape accusations, , and extortion through dating apps, emphasizing the need to recognize red flags and prioritize personal safety.

6.1 A young orphaned man from a small village starts talking to a married woman who is older than him, they have no physical relationship, but she insists on marrying him despite already being married.

6.2 A woman falsely accused a man of rape and later threw acid on him after he rejected her marriage proposal, highlighting the negligence of the system towards men’s issues and the importance of recognizing toxic relationships.

6.3 Red flags should not lead to generalizations or hatred towards all men or women, as not everyone is bad based on the actions of a few individuals.

6.4 There are women who manipulate men by inviting them to their homes, engaging in physical relationships, making videos, and then blackmailing them with those videos by filing false rape cases, as evidenced by a recent case in Gurgaon where a woman trapped multiple men through the dating app Bumble and extorted large sums of money from them, highlighting a larger issue of such scams happening across India.

6.5 Many women are falsely accusing men of rape, filing multiple cases, and using false promises of marriage as a reason, highlighting the risk and the existence of women with criminal instincts.

6.6 Be cautious and get to know someone before engaging in a physical relationship to avoid potential negative consequences.

01:05:33 💔 A man is brutally assaulted and sodomized after being set up by a girl he meets at a cafe, leading to the closure of the cafe, while documentaries challenging feminist narratives face pushback and attempts to discredit them, but there is also support and awareness being spread about the speaker’s work.

7.1 A man is brutally assaulted and sodomized after a girl he meets at a cafe sets him up, leading to the closure of the cafe, and there is criticism surrounding documentaries like “Matthias of Marriage” and “India’s Sons.”

7.2 There has been significant pushback and attempts to discredit the speaker’s documentaries, with people calling her names and universities refusing to screen her work, all because she speaks up for men and challenges feminist narratives.

7.3 There are people who are trying to suppress the truth, but there are also many neutral individuals who are supporting and spreading awareness about the speaker’s work, despite the criticism and setbacks she has faced.

7.4 The film presents evidence of falsely accused individuals and their traumatic experiences, but despite being clean and visible, platforms chose not to show it, possibly due to fear of being seen as anti-women, which is disappointing but the hope remains that people will eventually realize the importance of discussing these harsh truths.

7.5 The speaker reflects on a tragic incident involving a journalist’s suicide, questioning their ability to make a difference, but is reminded by a friend that their work is a long-term battle and they must stay strong to help save lives.

7.6 Despite facing criticism, the speaker continues their legitimate work, receiving an increasing number of thank you messages and support, which outweighs the negativity they encounter.

01:18:36 📢 It’s important to trust and be grateful for the support of others, as shown by the speaker’s success in raising funds for a student and an acid attack survivor, despite the challenges of advocating for men’s issues without corporate funding; don’t give up, seek help from men’s rights organizations if facing false accusations or threats, as suicide is not the answer.

8.1 Within a short period of time, the speaker was able to raise funds for a student’s fees and an acid attack survivor’s eye surgery, emphasizing the value of trust and gratitude from others.

8.2 It is challenging to make money advocating for men’s issues due to lack of corporate funding and donations, despite the misconception that the speaker profits from their work.

8.3 Don’t give up and don’t take anything too seriously in life, including the battles and hurdles you face.

8.4 Choose life and seek help from men’s rights organizations or helplines if you are facing false accusations, threats, or blackmail, as suicide is not the solution.

Key Insights

Misuse of Laws and False Accusations

💔 The misuse of section 498a in Indian jurisprudence has led to the destruction of countless families and even loss of lives.

💪 The power of a woman’s voice is significant, as a mere statement to the police can lead to someone being falsely accused and arrested.

😮 The misuse of laws related to physical violence has led to innocent people being arrested and horrific stories emerging.

💔 The tragic death of a soft-spoken man highlights the harsh reality of fake rape laws and the impact they can have on innocent individuals and their families.

💔 False rape cases not only waste resources and cause trauma to the falsely accused, but also result in the loss of jobs, relationships, and family support.

💔 A young man’s life is turned upside down when he is falsely accused of a crime after a brief phone interaction with an older married woman.

💔 “Some women misuse the rape laws by filing false cases, which can have serious consequences for innocent men.”

Advocacy and Dedication to Men’s Issues

🚫 Women who speak up for men’s rights face backlash and attempts to silence them, including name-calling and campaigns to remove their documentaries.

💪 It is important to remember that while one person may not be able to save the entire world, they can still make a difference by saving a few lives and providing strength to others.

🙌 Despite facing criticism and negativity, the speaker remains determined to continue their legitimate work because they know it holds meaning for many people in society.

💕 The value of trust and gratitude: Having the trust and gratitude of many people is incredibly valuable and rewarding.

💼 Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj does not charge for her counseling, interventions, or getting criminals arrested, highlighting her dedication to men’s issues rather than financial gain.

Challenges Faced by Men in Domestic Abuse Situations

💔 The story highlights the harsh reality of men facing domestic abuse and the societal stigma they often face when trying to escape the situation.

👀 Understanding the real issues faced by couples involved in problematic situations requires firsthand experience and looking into their eyes to see the physical and psychological traumas they endure.


Q: Why do some women pretend to be victims and exploit situations?

A: Some women may pretend to be victims and exploit situations for various reasons. However, it is essential to note that this is not representative of all women. Societal changes and the rise of feminism have led to increased empowerment and opportunities for women. However, there is also a phenomenon known as pseudo-feminism, where individuals misinterpret or misuse feminist principles for personal gain. Additionally, reservations intended to uplift underprivileged individuals have also been misused in some cases. It is crucial to recognize that not all women engage in such behavior and that women's victimization is a real issue that deserves attention and support.

Q: Can you provide an overview of the misuse of IPC498A in Indian Jurisprudence?

A: IPC498A is a section of the Indian Penal Code related to cruelty against married women. Unfortunately, this law has been misused in some instances, leading to what some describe as legal terrorism. It has been used as a means of extortion and blackmail, as the law allows for someone to be arrested based solely on a woman's statement. To address these concerns, the Supreme Court of India has issued guidelines to limit arrests in IPC498A cases. However, it is important to approach this issue with sensitivity and recognize that there are genuine cases of domestic violence and cruelty against women that need to be addressed and supported.

Q: How do toxic masculinity and toxic feminism contribute to conflicts in relationships?

A: Toxic masculinity and toxic feminism can both contribute to conflicts in relationships. Toxic masculinity refers to harmful societal expectations placed on men, such as the pressure to be dominant, suppress emotions, and exert control. On the other hand, toxic feminism refers to an extreme and negative interpretation of feminist principles, where some individuals may exhibit a belief in female superiority or engage in misandry. These harmful ideologies can lead to deteriorating interpersonal trust between men and women, ultimately causing conflict within relationships. It is important to address these toxic ideologies and promote healthy communication, respect, and equality in relationships.

Q: What are some red flags in relationships that indicate extreme toxicity?

A: There are several red flags in relationships that indicate extreme toxicity. These include control freak behavior, possessiveness to an unhealthy extent, and cutting off the partner from their friends and family. Such behaviors can be signs of an imbalance of power and control in the relationship, which can lead to various problems if left unchecked. It is important for both men and women to address physical abuse and not tolerate it. However, it is crucial to remember that not all men or women are bad, and it is important not to generalize based on one bad experience. Communication, mutual respect, and setting healthy boundaries are essential for maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships.

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